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 "Total beauty comes from within every girl's heart."


Baby Miss           0-18 months

Toddler Miss       19-35 months

Wee Miss            3 yr.

Tiny Miss             4 & 5 yrs.

Petite Miss          6 & 7 yrs.

Little Miss            8 & 9 yrs.

Miss                     10-12 yrs.

Teen Miss            13-16 yrs.


Sparkle Girl divisions will be divided if more than 8 participate within the same age group.

We believe in fairness. Our age divisions are determined based on professional references regarding age-related proficiency.


JUDGING:                                  SCORING:

Beauty    -

Facial Beauty                                  1/4

Overall Appearance                       1/4         

Self-Confidence                              1/4   

Stage Presence                               1/4  

1 Minute

During Beauty Competition, contestants will be judged for side awards/optionals.  Music will be provided. Competition will begin with all divisions in “Beauty Parade” on stage followed by the 1-minute solo walk (runway style T) as prompted by emcee. Toddler contestants must be accompanied by a parent/chaperon at all times while on stage.  

Modeling Theme Wear-                             SCORING:

Stage Presence                                              1/3  

Creativity                                                         1/3

Modeling Ability                                               1/3

1 ½ Minutes
 TALENT-                                                       SCORING:

Ability                                                               1/4

Entertainment Value                                      1/4

Overall Appearance                                        1/4

Difficulty (for age)                                          1/4

Under 3 Minutes


Modeling Theme Wear-

Sparkle Girl Pageants offer themed events for contestants in all age divisions to show off their creative stage routines, props and theme wear designs.  Judging for this part of the pageant is based on stage presence, imaginative theme wear design and modeling ability; all are judged equally.  Music will be provided. Each contestant has 1 1/2 minutes to SPARKLE on stage for their routine. No pro-am routine for Natural pageants. Anything goes for Glitz pageants. NOTE: For Glitz or Natural, fake breasts on ANY child will NOT be allowed, even in OOC (unless to correct a physical misfortune  from illness in older girls). 

Glitz Dress Rules- While anything goes, attire must not be overtly sexual.

Natural Competition Dress Rules-

Makeup (we do not expect makeup on babies and toddlers)-- must be natural-colored face powder, light blush on cheeks and tinted or clear lip gloss. Light mascara is allowed; no glitter of any kind. We are strict about the makeup guidelines for Natural pageants. If in doubt, we will be happy to answer questions BEFORE the pageant. Points will be deducted for makeup not as described here.

Age-appropriate dress; may be Sunday Best or cupcake dresses. Attire may be custom or off-the-rack. 

The following is prohibited in our Natural events: Disrobing of any clothing article, flippers, fake tans, tattoos, or hair pieces. Judges will be looking for confidence and stage presence (is the contestant comfortable and happy to be on stage) rather than modeling ability.

All natural contestants should wear a pageant dress for Beauty Competition as follows:

Ages 0-7                            Short or long pageant dress
Ages 8-12                        Short or long pageant dress
Ages 12-16                        Long pageant dress


This is your chance to SPARKLE on stage by performing your best talent. Judging for talent is based on entertainment value, showmanship, overall appeal and difficulty for age; all are judged equally.   Stage formation will be announced with before each pageant. Contestants must supply music (single-song high-quality FLASH DRIVE labeled with full name, age division and contestant number). 

If pageant as a Talent routine (under 3 minutes), it must be approved by directors prior to registration deadline. Routines exceeding the time limit will result in a 5-point deduction for every 10 seconds over time allowance.  Please see requirements for talent on our rules page.  

We provide music. **Disco Diva Natural Pageant will have music provided by sound tech and will be true disco hits.  Please understand that this policy helps facilitate a smooth well-timed pageant flow. 


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